Trinity UMC Durand

" A United Methodist Congregation "

25 Palm Lane just off GA Hwy 18 in beautiful Durand, GA.

Church Phone 706-663-9005

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In 1854, Harmony Church near the Ogletree cemetery, Liberty Church close by the old Campbell place, and Providence Church from the Strickland neighborhood, all came together to form Trinity Church.  The first church building was constructed in what was known then as the Stinson Community.  Reverend Leonard Rush is thought to be the first pastor appointed by the conference, and you guessed it, a Crowder was the first Sunday School Superintendent.

The original church building was completely destroyed by a cyclone in 1908.  Services were held in a tent until a new building was completed on the very spot where it stands today: a dedication service was held in 1910.  Even though the cost of the new structure was $4,733, that price included the piano.  Some time between the original formation of Trinity and the building of our current sanctuary, the name of the town changed from Stinson to Durand.  The church's current location is the old home place of Dr. James W. Stinson.  While digging the foundation for our new addition in 2004, an old, filled-in well was discovered.  Do you suppose that around the turn of the last century Dr. Stinson drew water from that old well?

In 1954, forward thinking church members decided there was a need for an addition to the church.  The current parlor, with kitchen and dining area underneath, was completed and has been enjoyed for all these fifty years.  We are grateful to those members, some of whom are still enjoying this great addition to our church facilities.  A complete renovation of the sanctuary, including restoring the beautiful woodwork and pews to their original splendor, was completed in 1978.  The stained glass windows on the north side of the church were destroyed by a hailstorm on July 23, 1984.  New windows, matching the old ones, were created and installed; glass that was salvaged from the broken sanctuary windows was used to make the two smaller windows currently located in the vestibules.

A renovation of the sanctuary was completed in 2003 and included new carpeting and wall coverings.  A new sanctuary piano, given in memory of Gladys Crowder, and new chandeliers, given in memory of Henry S. Crowder, Jr. are the latest additions to this historic and beautiful building we all like to call "The Little White Church on the Hill."

In 2004, and one hundred and fifty years after its formation Trinity United Methodist Church was still going strong.  Faithful members kept the fires burning and the lights on through both plentiful times and lean years.  The active membership and average attendance dwindled for a time, but it has now rebounded and continues on the rise today.  We are growing into the future while remembering the heritage and roots in the past.  The church underwent a major expansion in 2004.  With an increase in membership, our need for more space was apparent.  A new, larger fellowship hall and more serviceable kitchen, and new restrooms were needed and construction was completed in time for Homecoming in October 2004.  The project was completed on time, on budget, and fully paid for with a consecration service in November 2004.  The building also has a full basement which serves as the location of our annual Trinity UMC yard sale, and in the Winter months it serves as Trinity's version of CURVES for our ladies to workout and stay fit.


In 2009, the former parlor kitchen was remodeled to create a children's nursery and a youth activities center. 


Our Board of Trustees and membership does a wonderful job maintaining the heritage and history of this beautiful church.  Routine maintenance, hard work, and forward thinking gives us all great pride.  In 2010, we insulated the entire sanctuary with icycnene insulation.   A new roof was added to the entire facility in 2010 as well.  Future plans include stamped concrete walkways and entry patios in the front, as well as some improvements to the parsonage located on the Trinity Campus.


We invite everyone in our community to join us for weekly worship and experience firsthand the Faith, Hope, and Love of Trinity UMC Durand.